iOS / Bluetooth Low Energy / Artificial Intelligence

About me

Mr. Meder has extraordinary design skills and is an outstanding specialist for development in iOS. Moreover he has excellently collaborated with our development and our local UX team. Mr. Meder combines very good specialist skills with an excellent understanding of service and customer focus.

Dr. Peter Lang

Vice President at SAP

There is nothing worse than a code base that looks like a crime scene with complex and dead code piling up.

As an iOS Crime Scene Cleaner I clean up and write Swift code that is easy to maintain, test, and extend. I follow a set of simple principles to write code that other developers can understand and work with.

As a Bluetooth Dentist I connect bare metal embedded to mobile devices via Bluetooth Low Energy. Over the past 4 years I have been working with chipsets from Nordic Semiconductor researching IoT at Uppsala University, pioneering Smart Connected Biking at COBI, and enhancing the charging experience of electric vehicles at Makaio.

As an emerging AI Neurosurgeon I try to get in the game of Artificial Intelligence using libraries such as CoreML on iOS or Google's TensorFlow. I am a member of the ACM Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence (ACM SIGAI) to keep up to date with recent developments in the field.

Furthermore, I am certified Scrum Master and proud holder of the Professional Scrum Master I (PSMI) certificate.

If you need a cleaner, dentist, or neurosurgeon, please get in touch.