Getting Started with CoreNFC

With the introduction of iOS11 Apple has finally opened up the NFC Reader for third party developers (yaay). I had a look at the corresponding CoreNFC API in iOS11 Beta 1 and managed to get the whole thing working. As the documentation is still missing some vital details on how to setup your Xcode Project I have put together a quick tutorial to help you getting started.

  • iOS
  • CoreNFC
  • NFC
  • Swift

Generating QR Codes with Core Image

I recently faced the problem of generating QR Codes on iOS. After spending some time on research I figured out that starting with iOS 7.0 you can generate QR Codes with Core Image Filters. The nice part about using Core Image Filters: No need for external libraries.

  • iOS
  • Core Image
  • QR
  • Swift

Host your own Git Server with Gogs

Just like many other developers I host my open source projects on GitHub. It is free, easy to get started, and straight forward to use. Yet, I have some projects that I want to keep private for now. Instead of hosting them on GitHub I thought it might be fun to create my own Git server.

  • git
  • gogs
  • aws

Clang warnings

The Clang developers provide us with warnings for good reason: to catch bugs. Yet, I only know a handful of developers who actively use warnings to aid their development workflow. What about you? Ever had a retain cycle because self was strongly captured in a block? Ever had a bug like if(myVar = 42) { ... } vs if(myVar == 42) { ... }? Guess what, there are warnings for that! Clang is our friend so let’s polish up on our friendship!

  • warnings
  • xcode

Swift frameworks with C code

Frameworks are powerful tools to separate your codebase into smaller, more maintainable modules. Unfortunately, Xcode has some flaws if you want to mix and match Swift and C code in a framework without providing direct access to private functions. In this article we will create a Swift framework that prevents direct access to the encapsulated C code - both from Swift as well as Objective-C.

  • swift
  • xcode